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Happy New Year!

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I love trees. I love snow. Probably part of why I love living in the mountains. While we've had light dustings of snow earlier last month, the last two days of December brought our first real snowfall of the season.

The soft, fluffy stuff that carpets everything in a white blanket. That leaves a kind of hush over the air.

And it's been cold enough the snow should stick around for more than a day or two. We were away for Chirstmas and getting home was a bit more of a challenge than we'd anticipated when we left, even with checking the weather sites (snow chains, anyone? Thank goodness for 4x4!), the beauty of nature was worth the extra hassle. 

I'm happy to be home today, snug in my warm house, with my husband also off for the day. 

Tomorrow's soon enough to think about work. About laundry. The sun's glistening on all that white, the breeze is light, and today is my first 'snow day' of the year. What a wonderful start to 2015!

Here's hoping your New Year is bright and beautiful!


Whether painting, out on a photo shoot or writing, Pam has always had a bend toward the creative side of life. Her favorite is when she can combine any of those with travel. Places get into her blood and she loves to explore the possibilities, always with characters and a story in mind.

An astrologer for most of her adult life, Pam has been known to see auras & the occasional ghost. Considering she lives in a haunted house in the mountains of southern California, this keeps life interesting.


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    Claire Bahr Thursday, 01 January 2015

    Your photographs are beautiful. The Thanksgiving photo could be a painting. So talented.

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  • Pamela Moran
    Pamela Moran Friday, 02 January 2015

    Thank you, Claire!

    Photography is one of my loves. This photo was taken in my yard, a few years ago. Right now, there's a bit more snow on the ground than there is in the photo. ;o) Although today's been on the cold side, it's also been clear and beautiful.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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