Darkwater Echoes

Darkwater Echoes
A PSI Sentinels: Darkwater Guardians

Blackwater Sound – Key Largo, Florida: Echoes across a dark body of water. Echoes from the past. Echoes haunting the future.
FBI Agent Trent Sawyer is supposed to be cooling his heels after an unsanctioned operation. A case, both personal and dangerous, that ripped away his psychic ability and left him unsure of his place on the covert PSI Task Force. When the boat he’s on is hijacked, he chafes at orders to rely on the reluctant assistance of tiki-bar owner Jillian Rose.
Trust is hard won in Jillian’s world. The last thing she needs is a stranger underfoot, a man with secrets darker than the Sound on a pitch black night. A man with the ability to crack her carefully constructed shell, a man she’s having a hard time resisting.
Amidst exploding boats, bar fights, dead bodies, and chases across Blackwater Sound, unwanted attraction sizzles between Trent and Jillian. Can they navigate the murky waters of murder and international deception to expose the dark water’s secrets before those secrets claim them both?

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Blind Sight

Gavin's Woman

Gavin's Woman
A PSI Sentinel Novella / Darkwater Guardians

Gavin Dunbar, liaison between the PSI and the government, is a low-level psychic himself. A man of the present who believes the future is too nebulous, too fluid – that it can't be trusted. His reasons are mired deep in a past he has no desire to examine. After all, in his world, having a soul-mate doesn't equate to happily-ever-after.

Stolen Spirit

Stolen Spirit
PSI Sentinels Book One

Can she leave him again to save his life?

Hearing his dead ex-girlfriend’s voice in an empty room is enough to make a man question his sanity. Worse is when that ex insists she shouldn’t have died. Broken cop Jake Carrigan has no interest in delving into a past full of heartache and regrets. But he can’t deny she still matters, even if she’s simply a voice in his head.