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Sexy to Go, Volume 7

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Sexy to Go, Volume 7

 Eleven new sexy stories

Including DREAMWALKER: Finders, Inc

by Pamela Moran



When Flint, a psychic PI, accuses Dreamwalker, Iona, of thievery, all bets are off. Flint never expected navigating the dream world to be quite so treacherous. Or so sensual. Can he keep his hands off Iona long enough to discover the truth?


Dark tendrils, so much like a lover’s caress, whispered over Iona Brooks’ skin.

Brooding. Possessive.

A wicked shiver slithered down her spine.

Of course, considering the dimness of the crowded bar, the moan of the blues coming from the stage area where the live band played, that delicious anonymousness of almost no one in the small, mid Californian coastal town knowing her, all added to the evening’s atmosphere.

The tendrils were a bit of surprise, but they also meant the trap she’d set for her prey had been sprung.

Prey who believed himself the predator.

He’s here. She let the thought linger in the air and a small, satisfied smile to curve her lips.

Where?” Kurt Walters, her Dreamwalker anchor and fellow telepath, sat a glass of Chardonnay on the table in front of her along with his own two finger, short glass of bourbon. He scooted into the booth next to her and slid his arm along the top of the seat. His hand lightly cupped her shoulder.

Northwest corner.” Her smile widened as she turned her gaze to her partner. “Probably the far booth.”

Ahh.” He touched his glass to hers. “The one with the best view of the place. Of this table.”

Plus, he’s in the shadows.” She took a sip of the buttery wine.

Best place to hide.”

Those dark tendrils swirled. Seemed to caress her cheek. Snapped a short burst of sparks in the space between her and Kurt.

He blinked twice and leaned back. “Well, now. That’s interesting.”

Isn’t it, though?” Iona toyed with the stem of her wine glass.

So, Sugar.” He squeezed her shoulder. “With this new development, how are we playing this? Am I your sexy, stud-muffin lover or just your BFF?”

She bit back a laugh. Right. Kurt definitely qualified as a stud-muffin lover, just not hers. Growing up in the same house, even though not really related, left her with too many sisterly feelings for him. “Do you even know what BFF means?”

Boy Friend First?” He sipped his bourbon. “As in, friend that’s a boy.”

She shook her head but chuckled.

Fine.” He drew the word out on a sigh belied by the twinkle in his dark eyes. “So I don’t get to be your stud-muffin tonight. That leaves Bestie Forever Friend.”

Best Friend Forever.”

That’s right, Sugar. I’m your forever friend.” He set his drink on the table. “And your prey is on the move. Heading this direction.”

So soon?”

Must be our charming personalities.” Humor lined Kurt’s voice. He tapped a beat on her shoulder. “Or the call of the siren.”


Available at Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and ARe.

Volumes 1 through 10 and a Halloween Edition are also available!

Coming soon: Volume 11 and the Christmas Edition!!!


Whether painting, out on a photo shoot or writing, Pam has always had a bend toward the creative side of life. Her favorite is when she can combine any of those with travel. Places get into her blood and she loves to explore the possibilities, always with characters and a story in mind.

An astrologer for most of her adult life, Pam has been known to see auras & the occasional ghost. Considering she lives in a haunted house in the mountains of southern California, this keeps life interesting.


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